We have been very busy finalizing our classes for January through March and planning both of our musicals for both winter and spring. We have lots of terrific opportunities available for all ages and are excited to share them with you.
First, our two musicals will be performed March 15-16 and May 17-18.  There will be five weeks of rehearsals for each, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:40 – 5:45 and until 6:00 the final week. Ages for the shows are 9-13 (8 year olds with show experience are grandfathered in) and the titles will be announced once we see who registers and can determine the composition of each cast. If you decide to participate in a musical, you should not have any conflicts with rehearsals and performances. We create a high quality product in a somewhat limited time and need all participants to be totally committed to the show.
We will also be offering a Cabaret again for ages 9-13. (This was very popular in the fall). The Cabaret is composed of group numbers plus participants can also perform solos, duets, or small group songs, dances, scenes, acrobatics, magic or whatever talent they’d like to showcase. The Cabaret will be offered Mondays and Thursdays 3:30 – 5:30 beginning Jan 18 with the show held February 9 and 10.
We have theater classes being offered as well:
Intro to Acting for the Stage (ages 6-8) – Fridays at 5:00 beginning January 5
Music Theater Dance (ages 7-9)  Fridays at 3:45 beginning January 12
Music Theater Dance (ages 10-13) Wednesdays beginning January 10
A Monologue Workshop (ages 10-13) – 2 Wednesdays Jan 24 and Feb 7
A tentative Improv class Tuesdays  (ages 10-13) Tuesdays at 4:00
Bluey Dance and Play (ages 3-4) is back by popular demand
Trolls Dance Workshop (ages 5-8) a new workshop with music from the popular Trolls movies
Ms. Kristen has a very exciting roster of classes available:
The Creator Choir (ages 7-11) – Tuesdays 3:45 – 4:45. You can sign for winter and/or spring sessions. Admirals game performance April 17 already booked!
A NEW ADULT CHOIR!! – Mondays 11:20 – 12:20 – beginning April 8 – For all levels of experience. If you have kids at home, you are welcome to bring them along!
Spring Break Staycation Harmony Workshop – Learn to sing harmonies and work on a choral version of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” For ages 11 and up. March 28 and 29
For those who signed up for the Musical for Adults, rehearsals will begin the week of May 21 – times TBD. The show will be performed June 21 and 22 (pending venue confirmation) Watch your email for more details! If you would still like to participate in the musical, it’s not too late! Just let us know and we will send you the information.
We will be adding more workshops to our Spring Break “Staycation” roster, including Crew Class, in the coming month. We will also be adding spring classes (April – May) in early February.
Registration for all courses, including the musicals, will open very soon, after we confirm venues and instructors. However, all of Ms. Kristen Choir offerings are open NOW for registration. Just click on this link to learn more and book: https://bookeo.com/thecreatorcollborative.
This includes the Caroling event on December 16. Just click on “Special Events” when you get to our registration page to learn more about the opportunity to learn the Christmas Canon and carol on Silver Spring Drive the afternoon of December 16.