The full winter schedule is coming soon, but registration for Ms. Kristen’s Choir offerings are open now!

Why Choir?

If your child loves to sing, the single BEST way to support his/her vocal development is to join a choir.   Vocal coaching and one-on-one voice lessons have their place, but all in good time.  Young children whose vocal chords are still developing, whose bodies are still growing, and whose pitch is still developing benefit MORE from group singing than one-on-one lessons, and most voice teachers worth their fee will tell you that.
Our singers learn proper breathing techniques, physical/body awareness (how are you holding your body while singing?), vocal technique, harmony, rhythm, conducting cues, and of course, pitch development.

We study the basic building blocks of musical theory – how notes relate to each other, what their role on the staff is, and how to sight-read notes on the page.

We teach how to follow sheet music from page 1 to 2 to 3 back to 1, skip to 5 (what’s a coda?!) – we take a musical journey before singing every song and walk through the pages together so even our youngest singers can confidently follow along.

We build a community.  Everything we do in choir relies on our fellow singers for success.  Singers provide input on song selection, choices we make within the songs, and performance ideas.

We build confidence.  Each session of choir includes opportunities for public performances.  Singing publicly, surrounded by peers, is what choir is all about – and provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment for our singers.