Our Mission

At Creator Collaborative, we believe in the power of the arts to unlock the imagination, to nourish self-confidence, and to nurture empathy and acceptance. Guided by these values, we provide a safe space for all, from new creators aspiring to express themselves through the arts, to established creators seeking a home and a community of collaborators to support their work. Creator Collaborative is a hub for creators of all ages and backgrounds to explore artistic outlets, learn new skills in the arts, and work together on creative endeavors that infuse our community with originality, vibrancy, and inspiration.

Our Philosophy

Our work begins with a commitment to recognizing and honoring the value of each person’s creative voice and unique ideas. Through positive encouragement, Creator Collaborative offers creators the freedom to explore what’s in their imaginations, and to open their minds to possibilities they hadn’t considered before. We build creators’ self-confidence, and at the same time, help them respect the value of their fellow creators’ voices and perspectives, too. By tackling creative projects together, creators practice communicating their ideas, leading, following, sharing, listening, and becoming an important piece of a bigger puzzle. The result of this process, along with diligent, mindful practice, is not only a final artistic product, but also a better understanding of positive collaboration, flexibility, acceptance, empathy, and self-expression.

“Thank you is an understatement. My child grew so much this week – they all did.”